The Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

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The Caribbean is the most romantic region in the world.  The climate,  the beaches, enchanting hotels and world class restaurants all play their parts, but there is something more.  Romance is naturally subjective, but there are factors that make some places more romantic than others. And certain islands have, over time, managed to cultivate different levels of romance. The islands on this list are a mix (though we only considered islands that have at least two hotels): some are those that are romantic by their natural beauty; others are romantic because of their beautiful resorts.  Some are large, some are small; and others are just the perfect places to go for an escape with your loved one. Here are our picks for 2014.


Part of a twin-island federation with nearby St Kitts, Nevis is an enchanting place. Utterly untouched (with nary a traffic light), there’s something romantic about the majesty of Nevis Peak, the centuries-old sugar mills that dot the island and Nevis’ brand of innocent natural beauty (not to mention one of the best concentrations of luxurious hotels anywhere in the Caribbean, like the Four Seasons, above). In short, Nevis is a magical place.

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