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Trinidad Carnival in 7 Photos

It’s here – the “Greatest Show on Earth,” carnival in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The annual fete has taken over the entire twin-island country of Trinidad and Tobago this week, although the revelry is focused in the capital, where carnival bands turn the town into one enormous party. Here are six photos to give you a glimpse of the action (all photos by Colin Williams or TDC).

Trinidad’s version is the preeminent carnival in the Caribbean.

Whether you’re dressed up like a king or queen or with powder, it’s always a costumed affair.

Carnival is for all ages.

The event brings in more than 50,000 people from abroad each year.

“Playing mas,” as it’s called, is an art form of its own.

For a country that loves to party, Trinidad’s carnival is everything.

See you at Carnival!

— CJ

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