St Lucia PM: Earthquakes “Something That We Must All Be Concerned About”


Above: St Lucia

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Given the recent frequency of earthquakes in the Caribbean, St Lucia Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony is looking to improve the country’s preparedness.

Anthony, speaking after a meeting with the Chilean Ambassador to St Lucia last week, said earthquakes were a matter “that we must all be concerned about.”

“In recent times there has been considerable anxiety and concern about earthquakes in the Caribbean. It is true to say that over the past twenty four months, there have been several mini earthquakes and scientists have warned us that our region should prepare for the “big one,” Anthony said. “This means that at some point there might well be a major earthquake in the region.”

The Prime Minister said that, in recent days, he had been considering asking St Lucia’s emergency organization to “begin to intensify their efforts to sensitize Saint Lucians about the possibility of a major earthquake and an accompanying tsunami.”

He said that St Lucia would need the support and help of Chile, a recent victim of a major earthquake.

“We are going to need the support and help of Chile, because unfortunately, Chile has been a victim of earthquakes and tsunamis and has accumulated considerable experience over the last few years,” he said. “We would therefore welcome support and assistance from Chile, to help Saint Lucia prepare for such an eventuality.”