VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon’s Barbershop Quartet Covers Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me”


Above: Jimmy Fallon and his “Ragtime Gals” barbershop quartet

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Jimmy Fallon channeled Jamaican music star Shaggy with his latest “Barbershop Quartet.”

Fallon, the new host of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” frequently uses his “Ragtime Gals” barbershop quartet to put old-fashioned spins on popular songs.

Shaggy, who was born in Kingston and lives in the United States, is among the more famous Jamaican singers in the modern era.

He has won one Grammy Award and been nominated for four others, including “It Wasn’t Me,” which was a collaboration that featured Rikrok.

The video has gone viral on YouTube, already acquiring more than 1 million views.

Click below to watch the whole video: