Haiti Markets Ile a Vache in New Video


Above: Ile a Vache (MT Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Just nine miles southeast of Les Cayes, the island of Ile a Vache (“Cow Island”) has become integral to Haiti’s renewed tourism push.

The country’s government has been pushing investment on the 20-square-mile island almost since the time Haiti Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin launched her new tourism drive for the country.

It’s even planning to build a new airport on the largely untouched patch of land.

Now, Haiti’s Tourism Ministry has released its first major video promoting the island, with a montage of shots of the island’s sights and sounds, with a narrator explaining the island’s charms and historical relevance, including when the famous Captain Morgan was shipwrecked just off its coast.

“Little has changed on the island since then,” the narrator says. “It still remains of the Caribbean’s untouched gems.”

It’s not yet clear if Haiti’s eco-tourism-focused plans for the island will materialize, but the video provides a clearer look at the place on which Haiti has placed so much of its tourism hopes.

Click below to watch the full video.

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