Grenada’s New Tourism Brand


Above: Grenada

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada has unveiled the country’s new tourism brand, revealing the tagline: “Pure Grenada.”

The brand was officially launched at a ceremony on Friday at the Ministry of Tourism’s offices.

“We know you are going to love it,” Tourism Minister Alexandra Otway-Notel told the crowd on Friday.

The government said the new brand would underpin Grenada’s new marketing focus, which will seek to position the island as “off the beaten path.”

The new logo reflects “island’s deep Amerindian roots and its proud ancestral heritage; while still encapsulating the “heart of the nutmeg”—which has been the back-bone of the island’s trade and exports,” the Ministry said.

Above: Grenada’s new tourism logo

The tagline was developed with help from global advertising firm Inglefield Ogilvy (IOM), the Caribbean arm of the global advertising firm.

“We struggled to find the one word that encapsulated everything that is beautiful, unspoiled and undiscovered about these three islands – and it took the eyes of a child to see it in its true form – Pure,” said Russ Jarman Price, IOM’s chairman.

Rudy Grant, CEO of the newly-formed Grenada Tourism Authority, said the new brand would be the “signature calling card of the brand going forward.”


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