The Caribbean’s Most Romantic Hotels

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THE CARIBBEAN is undeniably one of the most romantic places in the world.  But what is it that makes Caribbean hotels so romantic? Of course it’s luxury and service. Intimate and well-designed spaces play a part as well, but there’s something more.  The French call it je ne sais quoi.  When you experience it you feel it and know it.  It’s just the right recipe of cool, fragrant breezes, powdery sand …maybe a little rum and the friendliest, most hospitable people on the planet. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner — let’s go!

Little Dix Bay — British Virgin Islands

it’s a classic place that’s been updated over time but never lost its caribbean soul. It’s for romance, beaches, places to explore and quiet, private moments. The experience of boating from the airport to the island of Virgin Gorda is romance in itself.

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