LIAT Takes Delivery of New ATR-42 Plane


Above: a LIAT ATR-42 plane

By the Caribbean Journal staff

LIAT has taken delivery of its sixth new ATR-42 plane, part of a major refleeting for the Caribbean air carrier.

The plane was flown across the Atlantic from Toulouse, France, arriving in Antigua on Sunday.

In a statement, LIAT Acting CEO Julie Reifer-Jones said the fleet modernization was an “important part” of LIAT’s strategy to improve performance and customer satisfaction.

She said that, for too long, LIAT customers had faced delays due to “aging and difficult to service” aircraft.

That was underscored on Monday when a plane from Antigua to Trinidad via St Lucia developed a steering defect while taxiing at VC Bird International Airport.

““We remain steadfast in our commitment to raise the standard of customer service throughout the LIAT network; and 2014 is the year when our customers and the general public will see that we are determined to serve the region better,” she said.

LIAT now has a fleet of six new planes, with two ATR-42s, each with 48 seats, and four ATR-72s, each with 68 seats.

The company said the re-fleeting would be done by the end of this year.