Dominica Government to Assist Homeowners Impacted By Floods


Above: Dominica (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Dominica’s government is moving to assist homeowners impacted by last week’s serious floods on the island.

Heavy rainfall which began on Dec. 24 caused “extensive damage” to homes, businesses and public infrastructure in the southern portion of the island, according to the government.

Now, Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says the country will provide 100 percent of the assessed value to repair homes and 60 percent of assessed value for personal household effects destroyed as a result of the storms.

Those who were renting homes in the area will receive a rental cost for a “limited period.”

Dominica’s government will also be providing “limited assistance” to businesses which were impacted by the trough system, which also caused serious damage in St Vincent and St Lucia.

The total cost of cleanup is a little over $300,000 USD thus far, with working including clearing of roads, drainage works and river dredging.

The total cost of rehabilitation and mitigation for the affected areas is around $16.7 million, however, according to estimates from the Ministry of Public Works.