Planning “A Green Nevis”


Above: Nevis (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Renewable energy will form the basis of the Nevis Island Administration’s energy strategy, according to Premier Vance Amory.

The Premier, who presented his 2014 budget last week, said work was “ongoing” for the implementation of the island’s long-planned geothermal project.

“The development of geothermal and other renewable forms of energy will be the foundation for our strategy of creating a green Nevis,” he said. “We believe that this is the way forward to improve the standard of living of our people. It is our intention to formulate a comprehensive sustainable development plan with detailed strategies and policies to create a green and environmentally friendly economy in Nevis. It will be approached from the stand point of social justice for current and future generations..”

Amory cautioned, however, that capitalizing on green assets “should not create greater inequalities and place the poor at a disadvantage.”

“Through appropriate policies, we will ensure that the benefits are spread throughout the communities so that the population, as a whole, could support and buy into the programme of change,” he said.

Nevis already has an operational wind farm; Amory said that the geothermal project would be the island’s main focus, since it was the “most feasible and cost effective source of renewable energy for the people of Nevis at this time.”

The geothermal project would be located at the base of Nevis Peak.

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