Dominican Republic Vows “Respect For Human Rights” With Citizenship Plan


Above: Presidential spokesman Roberto Rodriguez Marchena

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Dominican Republic’s government said Monday that it would apply its new National Regularization Plan for Foreigners “attached to a respect for human rights.”

The plan, which was unveiled last week, applies to the citizens impacted by a September court ruling which stripped citizenship of those born to parents who were considered “in transit” after 1929.

The ruling’s impact is being felt disproportionately by Dominicans of Haitian descent, which has led to protests in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and growing tensions between the neighbours on Hispaniola.

Responding to charges of discrimination against Haitians, Presidential spokesman Roberto Rodriguez Marchena said the Dominican Republic had “no hostility against any people in the world.”

The regularization plan gives those impacted by the ruling 18 months to apply for naturalization.

“This issue has been defined by the Dominican state, so there’s no uncertainty, everything is drafted,” he said. “The path is defined.”


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