10 Great Places to Stay in Virgin Gorda

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Virgin Gorda is a surprisingly busy place — it seems like people are always coming and going here. And it’s easy to see why. Virgin Gorda is easily accessible from neighboring islands and has great snorkeling, hiking, beaches, sailing, diving, two national parks, great restaurants and, of course, the legendary Baths. As busy as Virgin Gorda can get, it’s also a great place to just hide out, from the many safe, comfortable, affordable apartment-style accommodations to some of the most luxurious villas and finest resorts in the world . Today’s list features 10 independently-owned, authentic Caribbean properties —these are places you might not know about — but you should.

Mango Bay

Famous for a reason. It’s all about the beach — you step out of your unit, you put your toes in the sand. You can’t get any closer to the water without being on a boat. (For more info, click here)

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