Promoting “Made in Grenada”

Above: Grenada

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada’s Ministry of Economic Development is set to launch new initiatives aimed at promoting the purchase of local products.

The two campaigns, called “Made in Grenada” and “Buy Local First,” are part of an attempt to promote the country’s manufacturing sector.

In February, the Ministry will launch a “Made in Grenada Expo,” which will showcase all locally produced goods from jams to paints, according to the government.

“The purpose of the Expo is to give manufacturers and producers, both large and small, an opportunity to promote their products, earn additional income and get valuable feedback from consumers, while at the same time enhancing their capabilities and skills,” the government said.
Grenada will be hosting a series of training sessions in the months leading up to the expo, from proper packaging techniques for spice producers to proper record keeping for manufacturers.
The Buy Local campaign, also set to launch, is a response to what the government called a continued slowdown in economic conditions brought upon by the global economy.
That campaign seeks to improve food security, spur local consumption and encourage manufacturing companies to “grow and become export oriented,” the government said.
Both initiatives will officially launch on Tuesday.


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