Tour and Attraction Operators Association Launches in Grenada


Above: Grenada

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Grenada Tour & Attraction Operators Association launched operations this week.

The group said it was established by a group of industry stakeholders.

“Both groups, tour and attraction operators, work closely together and are dependent of each other,” the group said in a release. “Very often they have the same interests and similar issues and concerns, making the boundary between both categories unclear. This is why both groups need to be joined in one association.”

The association was launched during a presentation on Wednesday.

“As one of the last Caribbean destinations to develop its tourism industry, Grenada needs to avoid making the mistakes others have made before,” the group said. “A recent Cruise Industry workshop presentation has clearly shown that customer satisfaction is what drives people to choose a destination.”

The association said it would work to implement standards to increase professionalism in the tourism industry, consult government on policy and work together with institutes on promotion.

Al these initiatives will lead to tying down our local companies and ensuring a sustainable industry run by local stakeholders for the benefit of our local economy,” the group said.

Roger Spronk is the group’s first president.


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