Caribbean Villa With a View: The Shores of Palm Island


You’re never very far from the beach on the private Palm Island resort near Union Island in the Grenadines.

But at the Sea Feather Villa, you’re right on the sand.

Located on the north side of the private Palm Island, Sea Feather is the newest villa on the island, with three bedrooms, a living room and a large covered deck.

The all-inclusive Palm Island resort has traditionally been known for its seclusion —  a few flights (and one short boat) away from the mainland United States, it’s developed a reputation as a remote getaway to truly escape hustle and bustle.

The villa collection at the resort is small, meaning you can find even more solitude at a place well known for its remoteness.

The property also has all the amenities and services of the all-inclusive resort, meaning there’s very little you have to think about other than, well, where to lie back on the deck.

And you have your own private stretch of beach, naturally.

Enjoy the view.

— CJ


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