Trinidad Opens $740 Million Power Plant


Above: Trinidad Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Trinidad Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine has officially opened the $740 million USD Trinidad Generation Unlimited power plant at La Brea Union Estate.

Speaking on Thursday, Ramnarine said the plant would be the most effiicient power generation plant of the six in Trinidad. It will be producing 720 megawatts of energy, the government said.

The generation of one unit of power from the plant would use half the energy used by any other plant in Trinidad, Ramnarine said.

If run at full capacity, Ramnarine said, there would be savings of 60 million cubic feet of natural gas.

For now, the Minister said utility T&TEC was using one third of the capacity because of limited transmission infrastructure; steps are underway to integrate the full capacity into Trinidad’s national grid, however, he said.