6 Great Adventures in Puerto Plata

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WHEN YOU look at the the variety of adventure experiences you can have from Puerto Plata, it’s easy to see why the destination stands the test of time. Puerto Plata and Playa Dorado were some of the first tourist destinations of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean and sure — Puerto Plata has great beaches – but what really sets it apart are the many amazing adventures you can have in the area. We’ve selected 6 of the best with something for everyone.  Let us know what you think

27 Water Falls at Saltos de la Damajagua

After a short hike up a beautiful winding river bed this pool above is the first waterfall you come to of the first 12 waterfalls in the National Park of Damajagua. You jump in, cool off and climb a breathtaking maze of waterfalls, then slide down a series of natural chutes and whirlpools. This no normal walk in a park! But it is a well run operation and just about anyone can do it. At the end of your adventure route the is a nice cafe where a Presidente or a lemonade will be ready for you.

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