“Climate Change Is a Critical Issue Now”


Above: Guyana

By the Caribbean Journal staff

When it comes to global greenhouse emissions, the Caribbean’s contribution is a small speck on the map.

But while it shares little responsibility for the causes of climate change, it will likely bear a disproportionate amount of the impacts of climate change.

That means preparing for the effects now, according to Shyam Nokta, head of Guyana’s Office of Climate Change and a presidential advisor.

“Climate change is now a global issue. It’s probably the top global issue right now,” he said. “For us, climate change is a critical issue now but more importantly we need to start planning for this from now.”

Guyana has been among the region’s leaders on the issue, having embarked on a high-profile Low Carbon Development Strategy, which is being supported in part by the government of Norway.

“I am glad that Guyana recognized this early and is taking action,” said Agriculture Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy.

And continuing on that path will be crucial, as the potential impacts of climate change will affect every sector, he said.

The Office of Climate Change has been holding a series of consultations across Guyana in recent months, aiming to inform citizens about climate change and its effects.

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