Rum Journal: A Punch Smash From Panama’s Ron Abuelo

SOME of the world’s best rums claim their origins in Spain — most notably Bacardi and Don Q. But another top rum was the result of a trip from Spain to the New World: Panama’s Ron Abuelo.

The rum comes from the Varela Hermanos distillery, which was founded by Jose Varela Blanco, a Spanish immigrant, in 1908.

Abuelo is one of several great rums from Panama, itself part of a growing Central American hub of rum production.

And as Autumn is upon us, we thought we’d bring you a perfect cocktail for a fall afternoon, courtesy of Abuelo.

Here’s the recipe for the Punch Smash:


1.5 oz Ron Abuelo Anejo
2 oz Cranberry Juice
1 oz fresh Lemon juice
.5 oz simple syrup
10 fresh raspberries
5 mint leaves
Ginger Ale
Angostura bitters


Grind the raspberries with the mint. Add the remaining ingredients into a shaker and stir. Drain the drink in a tall glass and stir in the ginger ale, then garnish with he mint and raspberries.


— CJ


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