Caribbean Plate: Trinidad’s Chaud Creole


Trinidad is the undisputed street food capital of the Caribbean.

Doubles. Corn soup. Roti. Bake ‘N Shark.

At every corner, there is a new taste, a new flavour, a new experience.

For Chef Khalid Mohammed, the challenge is taking Trinidad’s classic comfort food and turning it into haute cuisine.

And that’s the thinking behind Chaud Creole, an eatery near Queen’s Park in Port of Spain that puts a contemporary spin on traditional Trinbagonian dishes.

Mohammed, who first came to prominence with Port of Spain’s “Chaud,” presents an intoxicating adventure for the palate: guava bbq kingfish, pepper jelly-glazed pork, curry crab and dumplings…

The result is one of the most fascinating foodie experiences in the Caribbean — Mohammed has masterfully managed not just to lead us to enjoy his modern reinventions, but to appreciate their original inspirations in an entirely new way.

— CJ