JetBlue Expanding to Trinidad


Above: JetBlue planes

By the Caribbean Journal staff

JetBlue isn’t done with its Caribbean expansion.

The New York City-based carrier will be launching flights to Trinidad beginning in July 2014, according to Trinidad’s government.

The news, rumoured for several months, was announced in the Budget Statement by Trinidad and Tobago Finance and Economy Minister Larry Howa on Monday.

The Minister did not announce the origin city, signs point to New York.

The new service is the latest regional play for JetBlue, but it’s particularly interesting in that it’s beyond the San Juan cluster, where it has been focusing its expanded service, from the US Virgin Islands to St Maarten.

Trinidad will be JetBlue’s southernmost destination in the Caribbean.

To learn more about JetBlue’s Caribbean expansion, read Caribbean Journal’s interview earlier this year with Chad Meyerson, the company’s global sales director.

Howai also announced that a new charter company, Apollo Airlines out of Greece, will also be launching flights from selected cities in Europe to Tobago.