Caribbean Plate: A Taste of Abaco


Above: Chef Charles Smith

NATURALLY, we love Caribbean food. And while we write about it often, there’s always more to say — and to eat. So our new feature, Caribbean Plate, is an attempt to bring you more of the coverage of the world’s tastiest food — from feature interviews with Caribbean chefs to Caribbean the tastiest local recipes.


Above: the Abaco Beach Resort

The first edition of Caribbean Plate travels to the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina in the Bahamas, where Chef Charles Smith puts his talents to work at the Anglers Restaurant, blending local favourites with inspired international fare.

Smith has been kind enough to share with us his recipe for the signature Abaco Beach Resort Sugar Cane Shrimp.

Here is the recipe:

You Will Need

8 Shrimp
2 Sugar Canes (Skewers)
1 tsp Curry Powder
1 tsp  Cajun Seasoning
1 tsp  Lemon Pepper

Banana and Lobster Butter Sauce
4 oz Butter
2 oz  Diced Lobster Meat
2 oz  Chopped Cooked Bacon
2 oz  Diced Tomato
2 oz  Diced Mushroom
2 oz  Ripe Banana
1 oz  Red Onion
2 oz Fresh Fennel Corn
1 oz Spinach
1 oz Green Onion

Method of Preparation

1.       Season the shrimp with curry powder, Cajun seasoning and lemon
2.       Insert a boning knife through the head and tail of the shrimp
3.       Insert the sugar cane skewer into the shrimp
4.       Sauté in medium hot frying pan until golden brown on both sides then remove from pan and reserve
5.       In the same pan add lobster meat and cook fully
6.       Next add the remaining ingredients and cook for two minutes
7.       Arrange on a plate with either garlic mashed potatoes or white rice topped with Sugar Cane Shrimp and Banana and Lobster Butter Sauce

Bon Apetit!

— CJ

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