Antigua and Barbuda Opens New ICT Training Facility


Above: Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer at the ribbon-cutting

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Antigua and Barbuda has officially inaugurated a new ICT Cadet Training facility in the country.

The facility, which is the product of a partnership between the government and regional telecommunications firm Digicel, aims to teach “hundreds” of Antiguans in information and communication technology.

“With the advance of technology and our thrust in education, we are preparing our nation and our people for the future, and for us not to be left behind as a nation,” Spencer said. “This initiative is like no other seen in this sub-region, in fact I would go as far as to say, this is the first of its kind in this hemisphere.”

Antigua’s ICT Cadet programme targets young people interested in working in “information technology-related fields,” according to the government.

It’s the latest part of a wider push by Antigua in recent years, led by the GATE project it launched in 2012, also with Digicel.

GATE, the Government-Assisted Technology Endeavour, focuses on improving internet connectivity and spurring growth in tech-related fields.

The Cadet Programme, which first launched in June 2012, is a major component of GATE.

Spencer also announced at the groundbreaking that next month a Samsung Galaxy Tablet would be distributed to every student and lecturer at the Antigua State College, with 4G LTE connectivity.