Antigua Airport Gets Solar Boost


Above: the airport approach road

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Motorists heading to the VC Bird International Airport in Antigua will be getting a lift from the environment, thanks to a new solar installation on the airport approach road.

Agencies including the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority, the Antigua Public Utilities Authority and the Public Works Department have partnered to install 14 solar powered lights on the driveway to the airport entrance.

The lights will provide “much needed lighting along the driveway,” the government said. Lighting along the road had been “negatively impacted by the absence of lights following the closure of the Stanford Group properties in the area,” according to the government.

“The lights have brought much relief to the many persons that utilize the airport at evenings and early mornings,” said Edward Gilkes, director of operations at the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority.