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Haiti PM Launches “Destination Ile a Vache” Tourism Project

Above: Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe at the ceremony

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe visited the island of Ile a Vache on Tuesday to launch the new “Destination Ile a Vache” tourism project.

Lamothe, joined by Tourims Minister Stephanie Villedrouin, said the project was one of the “largest and most ambitious” of President Michel Martelly’s five-year term.

The project includes the construction of an international-standard airport with a 2.6-kilometre landing runway, the construction of the airport road, harbour dredging, utility construction in the surrounding areas and plans for as many as 2,500 residential and hotel units.

On Tuesday, Lamothe laid the first stone on a new community centre in Ile a Vache, which will include a library, reading room, cafe and entertainment room across 120 square metres.

Haiti’s government says it has already built 15 kilometres of roads on the island, which forms a major part of the country’s renewed tourism thrust.

Haiti’s Ministry of Agriculture has developed a farm plan for the island as well, Lamothe said, calling the development of local agricultural production “necessary for the implementation of this development project.”

Haiti launched its tourism development plan for the island earlier this year, and has put out tenders for local and international investments.

The Prime Minister’s office said four “major groups” had expressed interest in investing on the island.

“Here you have the most beautiful island in the Caribbean,” Lamothe said. “The Martelly administration and my government will do everything to develop it into a major centre of international tourist attraction.”

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