VIDEO: Derek Walcott’s New Play on Van Gogh, Gauguin


Above: the new play

By the Caribbean Journal staff

We continue our coverage of St Lucian literary legend Derek Walcott this week with a first look at the premiere of his new play, O Starry Starry Night.

The show premiered earlier this month in the Caribbean, and this video comes from the University of Essex, where Walcott is a professor of poetry.

It explores the relationship between a visit by Paul Gauguin to Vincent Van Gogh’s house in 1888. .

The play was captured by the University’s video team.

“I cried a lot – I wept – with joy at seeing it done. I am very proud and pleased with the play and proud of the actors,” Walcott said after seeing the play. “It is devastating, devastating joy which I feel. For any artist to get the support I have received from the University is immense. I think it is a huge benediction for me.”

Walcott worked with the actors in the Caribbean and also helped offer advice through Skype video calls.

The show was produced at the Lakeside Theatre.



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