Rum Journal: A Mojito Mecca in Mustique


Above: Cotton House

Long a popular hideaway for the British royal family, the Grenadine island of Mustique is one of the gems of the Caribbean, but if you can’t get there right this minute, the Cotton House resort has you covered.

The Cotton House’s Beach Cafe & Bar has offered a signature mojito recipe for National Rum Month, coming from a bar that has what’s thought to be the largest Mojito menu of any property in the Grenadine chain.

Here’s the recipe for the Frozen Bligh’s Blood Mojito, courtesy of Cotton House:

Frozen Bligh’s Blood Mojito Recipe:
2.5 oz. Captain Bligh’s Rum (St. Lucian Rum)
4 oz. Blood Orange Puree
2 Slices of Fresh Island Limes
8 Large Fresh Mint Leaves
1 oz. Teaspoon Demerara Raw Brown Sugar
Soda Splash

Muddle the fresh lime, 6 mint leaves and Demerara sugar in a Mojito glass. Fill a martini shaker with ice.  Add Bligh’s Rum and blood orange puree. Blend until frozen. Pour in the frozen mixture of ice, rum and puree over the top of the lime mint mixture.  Splash the top with soda and garnish quickly with remaining mint sprig.


— CJ