Bahamian History, Through the Lens


Above: Tida Wave Reaching for Finish (All photos by Roland Rose)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A new exhibition at Nassau’s D’Aguilar Art Foundation takes a look at the history of the Bahamas through the lens of noted photographer Roland Rose.

“Bahamaland,” which debuted earlier this month, features works by Rose from before and after the country’s independence in 1973.

Above: Decorate Bay Street

Rose moved to the Bahamas in 1946, taking up photography at the age of 13; for more than half a century, he has chronicled the development of the 700-island archipelago through his work.

In 1952, he joined what later became the country’s Ministry of Tourism as a professional photographer.

He received the Cacique Award in 1996, the same year he began exhibiting his work at the Marlborough Gallery in Nassau.

Above: Blind Blake Trio

The exhibition is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 4 PM.


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