What Will Be Montserrat’s National Song?


Above: Montserrat

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Montserrat’s long-running search to find its national song is heading into the stretch run.

The island, which began its official search for a national song in 1992, has narrowed down the choices to a group of five songs: Montserrat Alliouagana, Beloved Montserrat, Carib Isle, Motherland and Oh Montserrat.

The British Overseas Territory said the winning song would be used in a “wide array of contexts,” including festivals, sporting events, parades, concerts and other events. It will also start and finish daily programming on the island’s national radio and TV stations.

Montserrat says a song will be chosen this year, and has put the question to an online vote.

Click the links to below to listen to the songs:

Beloved Montserrat


Montserrat Allioughana

Carib Isle

Oh Montserrat

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