CARIFESTA: 30 Countries Expected to Participate in Suriname


Above: CARIFESTA in 2009

By the Caribbean Journal staff

This year’s CARIFESTA will see the participation of 30 countries, according to Ivan Graanoogst, chairman of the host country committee.

Officials in Suriname say 24 countries have already confirmed their attendance at the Caribbean cultural festival, which begins next month.

Participants will be hailing from Caribbean countries and nations around the world, from Brazil to Indonesia.

“The various contingents are expected to give their very best performances,” he said. “Our responsibility is to make them feel welcome and at home while in Suriname.”

Haiti President Michel Martelly will reportedly lead the Haitian delegation to the festival, which will be spread across all 10 districts in Suriname.

“This means that we will have to conduct a massive logistical operation which not only accommodates the Surinamese participants, but also ensures that our guests arrive on time and are provided with everything they need to perform at the designated venues,” Graanoogst.

This year will be the 11th edition of CARIFESTA.

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