Remembering Compay Segundo


Above: Compay Segundo (centre)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Compay Segundo was one of the titans of Cuban music until he passed away 10 years ago this month, and a new album takes a look at the history of his sound.

Guantamera, released by Warner Music Spain, examines Segundo’s greatest hits, from Chan Chan to the traditional title song.

Segundo, who was born in Siboney in Santiago de Cuba in 1907, rose to international renown late in life thanks to director Wim Winders’ documentary, Buena Vista Social Club, which showcased a group of living legends of Cuban music like Ibrahim Ferrer and Ruben Gonzalez.

The prolific Segundo, a singer and guitarist, recorded almost 20 albums during his career, with much of them coming in the late 90s and early 2000s.