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Costa Rica Tops Belize, 1-0, in Gold Cup

Above: Belize’s footballers

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Belize followed up a blowout loss to the United States with a heartbreaking defeat against Costa Rica in Utah on Saturday.

In a hard-fought game, Costa Rica’s only goal came on an own goal by Belize’s Dalton Eiley in the 49th minute.

The goal came as Eiley was trying to clear the ball just ahead of keeper Woodrow West.

Belize held tough for most of the game despite a wide disparity in time of possession, with Costa Rica holding on to the ball for around 59 percent of the game.

Teach team received a yellow card in the match, which saw 14 shots by Costa Rica to just five by Belize.

The loss means Belize will not advance to the next round of Gold Cup play.

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