In Martinique, a Home For Entrepreneurs


Above: the new Maison de l’Enterprise

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Martinique’s government has officially inaugurated the new “Maison de l’Enterprise,” a facility aimed at fostering entrepreneurship in the French department.

The facility, which was originally established in Sainte-Marie and moved to a new location in Sainte-Anne, is part of what Martinique Regional Council President Serge Letchimy called the “backbone of economic development” in Martinique.

“It allows business leaders to find in one place all the speakers that they can use as part of their activities,” Letchimy said following the opening.

The facility seeks to bring together all of the stakeholders of the business sector in one place to address the issues typically faced by entrepreneurs, particularly finding financing and getting administrative advice.

In a statement, the Regional Council said the Maison, which is a continuation of an initiative first launched in September 2010, looks to support entrepreneurship, one of the “priorities of the economic policy of Martinique.”