The Caribbean’s Best Hotel Villas – 2013

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What does villa mean? In its basic sense, it means a place to live. And on vacation, it means something more than just a hotel room — your home away from home. That means a villa can be a very large, multi-unit room, or a traditional standalone cottage or house. Of course, sometimes we want a villa with all the traditional amenities of a hotel. Hence this week’s list. We think we’re covering new ground in ranking the best hotel villas — that is, villas with traditional hotel amenities like room service, housekeeping and the like — and usually affiliated with hotels. We present the top 10 Caribbean Hotel Villas for 2013:

One & Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island, Bahamas – Villa Residences

These three and four-bedroom villas perched above the beautiful Cabbage Beach in the Bahamas have 24-hour butler service and dedicated housekeeping and culinary staff. You may recognize them from one of their famous guests – James Bond.

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