A Cruise Tourism Future For Montserrat?


Above: Montserrat

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Montserrat is a diamond in the rough with “a lot to offer” when it comes to the potential for cruise tourism, according to cruise expert Matthew Beaubrun.

Beaubrun, the chief executive officer of Cox & Co, Ltd in St Lucia, was addressing local small business owners last week on how to prepare for a potential cruise future.

“Cruise tourism can create a lot of employment for your destination,” he said.

Montserrat is looking to develop a mixed-use project that would include a cruise port, a plan that Beaubrun called “really first class and [that] can do a lot for the economic development of the island.”

Beaubrun cautioned that it was critical to begin informing islanders about the benefits of cruise tourism at all levels.

“Be innovative, price competitively, give good service, have packages different than were offered before,” Beaubrun advised. “You have a competitive advantage of unspoilt beauty, safety, your water is good. Offer them your water. Take advantage of the volcano as an opportunity as it will be a big pull for the cruise lines.”

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