Rum Journal: The 10 Best American Rums

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America has a long and winding history with rum, from the colonial period to the present day. Of course, prohibition largely destroyed what was at the time was a booming rum industry — but in the last decade a number of top-quality distilleries have popped up. While Caribbean rums are still the gold standard, there are a number of small-batch distilleries based in the United States that any serious rum aficionado needs to check out. To mark the anniversary of America’s independence, we’ve offered our list of the best American rums currently on the market (in no particular order). And please note – while Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands produce great rum, for the purposes of this list we only considered the 50 states. Cheers!

Thomas Tew – Newport, Rhode Island

Thomas Tew which is made by the Newport Distilling Company, was founded in 2006. It’s made from black strap molasses and offers an all-American, brash, old-school flavour.

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