Rum Journal: The Perfect Jamaican Cocktail, Island Outpost Style


Above: Goldeneye in Jamaica

IF IAN FLEMING had concocted a rum punch, this would have been it.

The Goldeneye Punch is equal parts James Bond, Chris Blackwell and Jamaica.

Goldeneye, the estate on Jamaica’s Oracabessa Bay where Fleming created James Bond, is today a luxurious resort property that is part of Chris Blackwell’s Island Outpost portfolio.

And Blackwell, the founder of Island Records and the man who helped bring reggae to the world, recently founded a namesake spirit called Blackwell Rum. (For more on Blackwell Rum, check out our story here).

They’ve all come together for a rather tasty cocktail that Island Outpost has been kind enough to share with us.

So here is the simple recipe for the Goldeneye Punch:

Blackwell Rum
Pineapple Juice
Angostura Bitters

We’ll let you decide the proportions to taste.


— CJ

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