Caribbean Room With a View: A Different Galaxy at St Lucia’s Jade Mountain


ST LUCIA might lead the Caribbean in spectacular views.

Its towering pitons are magical to look at, and there are few better vantage points than the “Sanctuaries” at the Jade Mountain resort.

At the peak of all the hotel’s rooms, though, are its “Galaxy” Infinity Pool Sanctuaries — which will make you feel like you’re, well, on another planet.

The “Galaxy” rooms have infinity pools measuring up to 900 square feet — and the rooms themselves, or “sanctuaries,” measure up to 2,000 square feet.

Their living areas, like all of the hotel’s sanctuaries, are finished with more than 20 species of tropical hardwood flooring and trim, in what the property calls an “environmentally correct way.” The interior walls are finished in a “crushed blush toned coral plaster” quarried in Barbados.

Each sanctuary has 15-foot-high ceilings, with an open fourth wall.

Enjoy the view.

— CJ