The 10 Best Caribbean Beach Bars – 2013

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They’re some of the major reasons we all love the Caribbean — an ice cold beer or rum punch, the sand at your feet and the sea in your sight. The Caribbean’s beach bars have all of them in full supply. So we thought we’d offer our list of the 10 best beach bars in the Caribbean for 2013 —from Anguilla to the United States Virgin Islands. Of course, these are just 10 of a multitude of terrific beach bars across the region. Do you have a top beach bar not on our list? Let us know! — CJ

Sunshine’s Beach Lounge – Nevis

Local celebrity Sunshine’s eponymous bar is known the world over for its signature “Killer Bee” rum punch, the recipe of which is the most closely-guarded secret in Nevis. Long a haunt of the celebrities who holiday in Nevis, Sunshine’s is simply the perfect Caribbean beach bar.

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