Caribbean Photo Tour: Martinique, Through the Lens


MARTINIQUE — Welcome to Caribbean Journal’s new Caribbean Photo Tour, where we bring you a snapshot of life, architecture and culture in the Caribbean.

Our first edition takes a look at the French island of Martinique, with a tour that brings you from the charming city of Saint-Pierre to the bustling Caribbean metropolis of Fort de France.

Click below to get started with the slideshow. (All photos by Caribbean Journal).

— CJ

The harbour of Saint-Pierre

Downtown Fort-de-France

The approach to Saint-Pierre by boat

Fort-de-France is one of the region's most cosmopolitan cities

The view of the capital from above

Pierre-Henri Picq's famous cathedral, in reflection

Fort-de-France's harbour

The Centre Commercial Cour Perrinon shopping mall

The mall's exterior

The capital's Grand marché

Martinique is as lush as it is modern

Martinique's mini-Sacre Coeur

The beach town of Le Carbet

The monument to abolitionist Victor Schoelcher

The coast near Saint-Pierre

Le Carbet beach