US Lawmaker Seeks “Comprehensive” Report on Progress in Haiti


Above: US Congresswoman Barbara Lee

By the Caribbean Journal staff

United States Congresswoman Barbara Lee has introduced a bill that would require a “comprehensive report” updating Congress on the progress of reconstruction and development in Haiti.

The bill, HR 1749, was introduced last week. It is called the “Assessing Progress in Haiti Act.”

“The Haitian people have continued to demonstrate resiliency, strength, and bravery despite the tragic events that have occurred,” Lee said. “It is beyond time that in turn, Congress supports Haiti to ensure that relief and reconstruction funds in Haiti are effectively spent to maximize their long term impact.”

The Congresswoman, who represents California’s 13th District, said the bill would ensure that US lawmakers maintain their “humanitarian responsibility.”

“We need to make certain that the people of Haiti are on the road to recovery and not forgotten,” Lee said. “Three years after one of the most catastrophic earthquakes in history, we have very little accountability and oversight in the recovery efforts, and we need to change that.”


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