Haiti’s Martelly Congratulates Venezuela’s Maduro on Victory


Above: Haiti President Michel Martelly

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti President Michel Martelly has extended his congratulations to Nicolas Maduro on his victory in Sunday’s presidential election in Venezuela.

In a statement released Monday, Martelly said he reaffirmed Haiti’s “commitment to maintain and strengthen the cordial relations which have always characterized the history of both countries.”

Haiti had been a recipient of significant support from Venezuela under Chavez, both through the PetroCaribe concessionary oil programme and other development funding.

Many in the Caribbean, and particularly Haiti, had been watching the election race in Venezuela with concern as to what might happen to PetroCaribe.

In a statement by Venezuela’s government following his victory, Maduro said he planned to strengthen the programme.

Martelly said he hoped that “bilateral cooperation between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Haiti will continue and be strengthened under the new administration.”

Challenger Henrique Capriles Radonski has demanded a recount, which Maduro has accepted.


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