Rum Journal: A Rum Punch at Bonaire’s Captain Don’s Habitat


Above: the rum punch at Rum Runners (All photos by CJ)

BONAIRE — Traveling to Bonaire is mostly about what’s under the water, but you’ll also find some of the Caribbean’s top rum punch on the Dutch Caribbean island.

And among Bonaire’s best is at Rum Runners at the famous Captain Don’s Habitat dive resort.

Above: Captain Don’s Habitat

Captain Don is known as the man who almost single handedly turned Bonaire into the Caribbean’s diving and snorkeling capital, eventually founding Captain Don’s Habitat dive resort in 1976.

Rum Runners heats up when the sun begins to set — which is also a great opportunity to catch the sunset over Klein Bonaire.

Rum Runners is also the weekly home of local celebrity Moogie, whose music is the soundtrack of Bonaire.

The recipe for the rum punch is secret, though, so you’ll just have to try one for yourself.

— CJ


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