St Kitts and Nevis Set to Complete First Phase of Agro-Tourism Farm


Above: a rendering of the final project

By the Caribbean Journal staff

St Kitts and Nevis will officially complete the first phase of its agro-tourism farm project on Thursday.

The first phase, called “flora appreciation,” is a 16,956-square-foot green house comprising 1,600 pieces of glass, a botanic garden, a fruit farm and two flag images at the entrance.

The government said 10 local workers had been hired to assist in some fields of the farm.

The second phase, which will also begin on Thursday, will include the construction of the Tourist Activity Centre, the TEa House, the Entry Point and a restroom facility.

Thirty 40-foot containers are en route from Taiwan for this phase, which will include the erection of a steel structure and precast panels.

Taiwan is partnering with the twin-island federation on the project.

“The mere optics at this site instantly give one a sense of the reach and scope of this project, and I very much look forward to the day when old and young alike, from throughout the Federation, will be able to stroll through the botanical gardens which will emerge at this site, enjoying the beauty of it all, even as they gain ever greater insights of its multi-faceted contributions to our well-being as a people,” Douglas said earlier of the project.