Rum Journal: A New Rum From Barbados’ Mount Gay


The “Rum That Invented Rum,” Barbados’ Mount Gay, has invented a new rum for its portfolio.

The new product is Mount Gay Black Barrel, which slots in between the company’s Eclipse and its Extra Old varieties.

Black Barrel uses what the company says is a higher proportion of double distillates, distilled in both single column and double copper pot stills and, uniquely for the brand, finished in charred bourbon oak barrels.

It’s all blended by longtime Master Blender Allen Smith in Barbados. And Black Barrel also boasts a sleek, modern bottle design that represents a departure from Mount Gay’s typical design.

The result is a rum that is smoother, more complex and somewhat sweeter than the traditional Eclipse dark rum.

Now to the full tasting:

Black Barrel has a light amber colour, with a sweet aroma of caramel and dried fruit. Its flavour includes notes of spice, pepper, oak, dried fruit and whisper of anise.

The finish is very smooth, with a slightly spicy character.

The verdict? Excellent. Mount Gay Black Barrel is a welcome addition to the Mount Gay portfolio.

— CJ