Nevis, Brazil Mull Cooperation in Sports, Alternative Energy


Above: the Bath Hotel office in Nevis (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Nevis Premier Vance Amory hosted Brazilian Ambassador Antonio Jose Rezende de Castro last week for a meeting aimed at strengthening cooperation.

“The Ambassador and I, we had very free discussions on how the Republic of Brazil could help St Kitts and Nevis and in our case Nevis especially and we spoke of areas of cooperation,” Amory said following the talks at his Bath Hotel office.

“I think we in St Kitts and Nevis are happy to have the Ambassador with us,” he said. “He has taken up a new appointment here to talk about ways of cooperation, in education, in agriculture, in alternate energy, in the production of electronic items and so on. I think the Ambassador is bringing a whole new approach, it appears, to how St Kitts and Nevis can cooperate,” he said.

According to Amory, some of those areas of cooperation could include soccer, the production of foodstuffs and alternative energy.

The latter, he said, “would also be interesting in order to avoid spending precious foreign cash in importing fuels.”

“This will be the first of many visits to Nevis, I do hope, in order to be able to put us at the disposal of the Nevis Government and of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, to do the utmost so that we could work together for the betterment of the social and economic situation of our peoples,” the Ambassador said in a statement.


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