Bahamas Apprehends 17 Migrants from Cuba on Cay Lobos

Above: Cay Lobos

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force apprehended 17 migrants from Cuba on Cay Lobos, the force announced Saturday.

The group, which included 14 men and 3 women, was apprehended after being spotted by HMBS Bahamas on a routine patrol.

The HMBS Bahamas was under the command of Lieutenant Commander Gregory Brown.

Tiny Cay Lobos is one of the southernmost islands of the Bahamas, just north of Cuba. It is also known as Cay Labos.

The migrants appeared to be dehydrated but in good health, the force said, and were transferred aboard the ship and are expected to arrive in Nassau Saturday to be turned over to immigration authorities.


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