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Amanda Misick Wins Turks and Caicos By-Election; PNP Retains Power

Above: the Turks and Caicos House of Assembly

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Amanda Misick of the Progressive National Party has won a by-election in Turks and Caicos that could have changed the balance of power in the territory’s House of Assembly.

Misick received 455 votes to 385 votes tallied for Oral Isaac Selver of the People’s Democratic Party, according to Supervisor of Elections Dudley Lewis.

The win means the Progressive National Party retains its narrow 8-7 hold on the House of Assembly. A victory by Selver would have meant a majority for the PDP.

The election was the result of a court ruling which invalidated Misick’s win in the November 9 election for the Cheshire Hill and Richmond Hill District .

That ruling cited the fact that one candidate was not eligible for the House of Assembly due to his holding dual citizenship.

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