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United States Virgin Islands Continues Push for Scandinavian Tourists

Above: USVI

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The United States Virgin Islands will continue to make Denmark and the wider Scandinavian market a priority for its tourism sector, according to USVI Tourism Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty.

The Commissioner was part of a USVI delegation to Denmark this week led by Governor John de Jongh, where she met with travel and media partners and announced a fall and summer promotional offer for the Danish market.

Each year, almost 17,000 visitors arrive in the USVI from Scandinavian countries, she said.

“It’s been busy here in Denmark solidifying our historical ties and as we seek to increase our arrivals from the Danish and the wider Scandinavian market,” she said.

Denmark has been remained the largest international tourism market for the USVI, with most visiting St Croix, in large part due to its historical ties with the territory.

Since last year, arrivals from Scandinavian countries have risen by 129 percent.

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