The Caribbean in 2030


WHAT WILL the Caribbean look like in 2030? What should it look like?

Whether it’s CARICOM integration, regional transport, or tourism, everyone has an opinion on the problems of today’s Caribbean.

But what the region needs are forward-looking solutions — not just for today, not just for tomorrow, but for the next few decades.

So Caribbean Journal has created the Caribbean2030 Project, a new way to look at the Caribbean of the future.

Caribbean2030 will be a regular series of features on competing visions for the future of the region.

We want to be a forum for ideas — not just for the Caribbean to become a developed region, but to become a global, pioneering centre for new ideas and innovations.

What is your vision? A Jamaica run entirely on green energy? A Silicon Beach in Antigua? A metro system in Guyana?

Tell us your thoughts, your visions, your designs for the Caribbean in 2030.

Send them to We want to hear your ideas for the future.

— CJ


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